Saturday, May 9, 2020

Covid Care Diary: What Makes Kits and What Breaks Ego

MSJ, Bangalore: 9th May 2020
Even though, Covid Care Diary was not updated for some time, our Covid care kit relief hub continued to function without any interruption. Meanwhile, we have been working tirelessly with our volunteers, relief distribution and procuring persons with same enthusiasm and vigour. There is continuous flow of grocery items and fresh vegetables into our centre. Perhaps ours is the only such a hub of free distribution of essential commodities in our vicinity to those people who are still stranded or unable to make a daily living due to Covid lockdown.

The Covid lockdown in our country is slowly being lifted. We cannot go on like this endlessly. We have to learn to live with Corona pandemic. The rat race has begun.

But the poor daily wage earners are still inside their jopady patties and homes. A lot of the migrant workers have moved or shifted since many of the State governments in our country have taken initiatives to transport their people back home. Their stories are pathetic. Even a person who does not feel any sympathy for any human tragedy looking at what happened in Visakhapatnam - gas leak and in Aurangabad - the death of migrant workers who slept on the railway tracks after their tiering journey to their homeland a couple of days ago should melt one's heart. This does not mean that every stranded migrant labourer and his family has left the place. How will the family move if someone is sick in the family, wife is pregnant, or infant is restless or father or mother is stuck to his or her bed with chronic illness?

Our Covid care kit procuring and distribution centre is busy trying its best to reach the unreached. There is a lot of life in our centre. As one of the main Covid care kit procuring and distribution centre in the city is shut down and many of their volunteers have joined the rat race, we would be continuing our services as long as resources  to procure care kits are available. We are already facing the shortage of funds. This means we are also counting our days to shut down. We cannot run a social service and relief centre without adequate funding or financial stability. Water will run in the tap as lang as tank is full. 
We are having varied experiences during this time too. We received a number of calls. We also see a number of people visiting our place seeking help. We have placed before us a certain system which should guide our whole distribution process without any black dots. Thus the real needy receives what  he or she deserves.

As the popularity of our work is making rounds, we get requests from apartment people who are asking us to give ration to their maids and security men. When we did some interrogation about those people we came to know these following naked facts. People living in that building are well placed with white coloured jobs. There are 130 families living in that building. Each apartment has a maid to work for them  and extra security to protect them. With the lock down, the apartment families stopped getting the help from the maids. Moreover they stopped paying salaries to them. Wages are given only if they come for work.

We replied the person who sought our assistance with due respect that we are ready to send you 130 kits of relief items provided you pay to each kit Rs 1,000/- which actually costs Rs 1,400/- for us. Once the money is paid we are ready to deliver at your door step. Unfortunately, the caller could not go forward with the deal. As it pricked person's conscious badly. Sadly, there are many well to do and people who can afford are trying their best to get Covid care kits gratuitously but unrighteously. Some how or the other ego is so much that they cannot empty their pockets when others' pockets already dried up. We hope something good happens to these people to open their eyes to see the stark reality of Corona pandemic. In fact, Corona virus does not see who has thick pocket or empty pocket, it empties completely the person when it attacks!

- Reported by Olvin Veigas, SJ
9th May 2020 

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Unknown said...

As you have rightly placed the the points,the poor people really deserve your service but not all greedy people.The real joy comes in giving not receiving.You teach people that gratitude is everything and everything comes in search of the one who is grateful.Your well written diary wants me to narrate a story that I happen to read from the valued magazine that flows from your thoughts.Let me do it if you wish ....