Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Covid Care Diary: No Coincidence but Providence

MSJ, Bangalore: 13th May 2020

Each one is blessed with unique gifts. We cannot make judgements on why some are calm others agitating; my neighbour is peace loving while my sister's neighbour always picks up quarrel. During this Covid lockdown many have gone through depression, while others have  become very creative. Some have thrown themselves out in the field trying to help the stranded migrant labourers and daily wage earners. Whereas others have during this time been simply sitting inside and waiting for this lockdown to end. There are many who have little or nothing at all have been hoping and praying. Surprisingly, their prayers and waiting has been answered providentially.

Not Coincidence but Providence
Interestingly, something very fascinating happened when we visited Pillaganahalli. This tiny village is situated on the Bannerghatta area. As usual we had gone there with our Covid Care kits to distribute to those who are in need. We had received information that there are many families who are in dire need of ration. We don't give away our kits simply but we make a detailed study of the place and families. We ask  a number of questions.

We met a woman who is a widow with two children. After initial questions we asked her, "how are you managing these days". She answered in Hindi, "I ask Alla, and he provides. I pray for others and also for myself." "Well that is a nice way of saying, madam," Fr Teyol said. But he further inquired but, "how you have been managing these days?" "Until a week ago," she said, " I had ration for my family. Then while it was getting over somebody came up here and gave us two kilos of rice and dal. Two days ago it got over. For our surprise BBMP people came here and gave us two cooked meals. Then everything is over. And now you are here!" She gave a sigh of relief with a smile on her face. 

The woman with her burka on very calm and serene, when she narrated to us. It was simply an eye opener for us to see even in this distress people have tremendous trust in God and they are sure help is coming. They may not know who exactly is bringing, what they are bringing or when it would come. But help comes! God does not let His faithful down. This gentle woman's prayers for others and for herself brought cheers in this time of distress from unknown quarters. God loves not only a cheerful giver but also a hopeful receiver!

- Reported by Olvin Veigas, SJ

13th May 2020

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Fathers your generous help is the courage and strength for the hopeless humanity around you to live life with joy and gratitude to You are the tremendous and visible example to shower that love of God and love of neighbours.I delighted with every bit of your writing about the most deserved people.My sincere thanks.