Thursday, August 9, 2018

Vows Day: 21st July 2018

With deep sentiments of gratitude and nostalgic memories we bid farewell to our seniors.  Under the auspices of Fr.Freddie the six novices were found worthy through their annual retreat to pronounce their first Vows in the Society of Jesus on the feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.  Rev. Provincial embraced the brave men to this large family.  We had a short felicitation program organized to express our love to them.  The Navataranga was launched by our dear Fr Provincial.  As a culmination of the gathering we sung the anthem of our Society and then we relished our fellowship meal and called it a day.


On the occasion of our dear brothers farewell, a friendly volley ball match was organized by the Novitiate community to bid them adieu.  The fathers too joined their hands in the match.  They participated actively and fared well to our brothers.  The ball was mercilessly treated as victory, relaxation and fun.  Sportive spirit and sparkling skills were flaunted by all. Our seniors notched up the trophy with their heads held high and drew the attention of all the spectators.  Many Fathers and Sisters witnessed this exciting game and exclaimed that it was a pleasure.

Entrance Day of the Novices to the Novitiate

Entrancing new candidates for the sparks of inventive frontiers.  Leaving our homes we joined the holy family of MSJ.  Being guided and formed by the superiors as angels we were led into ‘our way of proceeding’, beginning with probation and then our vocations were bolstered by Triduum.  On 16th of June we solemnly entered into the Novitiate which was a milestone in our journey of priesthood.  A formal cultural program was organized after the Eucharistic celebration along with the sumptuous meal.

Thursday, March 22, 2018



The spiritual exercises is a solid foundation where a Jesuit becomes Christo-centric.  It is here that one looks deeply into the eyes of Christ and gets rooted and grounded in his love, to think, to act, and speak like Christ in the contemporary world.

Fr. PETER HANS kolvenbach says in his letter spiritual formation in Novitiate, the aim is not to do something extraordinary, but to make the novices gain firsthand knowledge of the life that awaits them as a JESUIT. After the spiritual exercises we were like saplings growing beside an ever flowing stream. Now, as a sapling deepens on its roots for growth, so we too are rooted our faith in God and build our trust on him.

‘HERE I AM SEND ME’ was the immediate response of the second year novices, as we showed our missionary zeal to serve  Christ’s people. We were spread out in the different villages of BIJAPUR, MUNGOD and MANVI-PANUR. In every struggle we underwent, each of us were able to say “BEHOLD THE HANDMAID OF THE LORD, LET IT DONE TO ME ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL”.

Mission experiment was a good opportunity for us to fulfill our desire and to taste our future mission.



I believe that this is one of my greatest learning’s and more than that understanding till this very day of my life. This healing the inner child workshop  was  taken by Fr. Joy Puducherry which was interesting and enlightening. I was very much entreated to go through these classes. It was change of guidance for me I felt very much open and moreover an interesting one as it was with our neighboring novices. I have often heard many agonizing  experiences of my companion but it was a chance to have deep  impact on women and I was able to understand the troubles faced by women. I to had dealt with this topic  earlier, but this time i rediscovered  myself in more deeper and with a holistic content. At last we surrendered everything at the feet of the Lord by having a fruitful recollection and concluded our course 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lenten Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Fr Rajendra Swami, SJ (1672-1719)

It was indeed an exciting and inspiring as we went on a pilgrimage to Fr. Rajendra Swami Shrine.  We as one Mount St. Joseph community went to the tomb turned shrine of Jesuit Fr. Rajendra Swami. It is located in a place called Chickkaarasenakere in Maddur.  As it was a pilgrimage we maintained silence and went in a recollection mood.  We were very delighted and inspired to hear from the parish priest Fr William Pinto of Mysore Diocese about the life history of Fr. Rajendra Swami, SJ and also many miracles taken place in his name.  We took part in the Mass at the shrine thanking God for Fr. Rajendra Swami and all his good deeds as a missionary.  Thus, nourished by the Body of Christ and also praying at his tomb, we returned from our pilgrimage.


We don’t forget anybody in this world, especially those who played vital role in our life.  Our parents, freedom fighters, actors, friends, near and dear ones. So as we keep in our memory their birthdays, other dates, likes and dislikes and so on.  In the same way as we are  in the novitiate  we do remember our days in the novitiate; our superiors  arrange every year – inter-novitiate day. Here all the Bannerghatta zone novitiates come to gather as one community to celebrate this day. This year it was on 2/3/18.  "Accompanying the youth in faith and discernment of vocations".  This was the theme for our day. There was a lot of input given by Fr. Tommai Rajan, SDB, the resource person. In the afternoon, there was fun filled games and to enrich our knowledge quiz was conducted on the Gospel of Matthew.  At the end of the programme, with lots of memories, we carried in hearts to praise.