Monday, April 27, 2020

Covid Care Diary: Relief Work among the Orphanages

MSJ, Bangalore: 27th April 2020

In this time of national Corona lockdown, families with small numbers could manage somehow or the other. But if a house has more than 10 members, then it is an herculean task to get things for everyone.  The hands will not reach the mouth in such a time comfortably.  Procuring groceries and other essential commodities for daily needs when every seller has closed the doors, means wait for good samaritans to arrive.
This is what happening during the lockdown here in Bangalore and especially in our vicinity. So far, we have visited five orphanages and centres of destitute. We have given the ration, the Covid care kits including fresh vegetables that was necessary for them during this crucial time. Among these five orphanages, four belong to Christian organisations and the other belong to another institution.  Among them the membership in each centres is like this, 28, 44, 150, 24 and 17.  For valid reasons, we do not like to name them here. 
Usually, the orphanages and centres of destitute women are depending on the contribution and the charity of people. Unfortunately, government does not fund them including giving them electricity and water at a subsided rate. When life is in full swing there is no dearth for funds and volunteers to ease the financial and practical problems.

Basically, people are good by nature to do such generous contributions.  But, what will you do when the volunteers are not allowed to visit these centres or give practical help to them? Where will they go to buy groceries for a center which has more than 150 mouths to feed in the morning, noon and the night? How will they get fresh vegetables and other commodities when everything is locked up and vehicles are not allowed on the roads?

In our effort to reach out to the people who are in dire need, we came to know these centres with a sizeable number. We could provide them fresh vegetables too, which are also important for these already battered bodies. These centres of new life to those destitute children and battered women depend on the good will of people. Many of the inmates are brought to the centre by the police themselves. These rescue centres serve as the beacon of hope and generosity in a world of greed and consumerism. 

As the economy is struggling and lockdown continues intermittently, the pockets of people are getting drained. That means orphanages and shelters of destitute women will find difficult to keep them afloat for a longer period. If the charity does not come in time means charitable work is not affordable any longer.

During our interaction with the heads and staff of these centres of good will, we noticed tremendous satisfaction. We ourselves did not know so many such centres in our vicinity with a large number of inmates. This was, indeed, a learning experience for us. If you are doing something worthy to the praise of God, then God will not allow such wonderful work go without His grace and pasture. 

Reported by Olvin Veigas, SJ

27th April 2020 

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Unknown said...

Fantastic Work Fathers dear.The of Mother Teresa," Infact What we do is a drop in the Ocean. If we fail to add that drop, the Ocean will lack that drop."go it's fulfillment with your relentless service.You are simply superb in making the poor and needy happy.