Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Pilgrimage Experiment 2023

“Spirit is willing but the body is weak”

We reached Harihar on September 5, 2023.  As it was the feast day of Mother Teresa of Kolkata, Bishop Francis Serrao of Shimoga diocese was invited to preside over the Mass. During this occasion, the novices had the opportunity to visit the Missionaries of Charity Sisters'. They also conversed with the residents of that ashram which helped them realize the true purpose of their vocations. 

The aforementioned Bible slogan, “Spirit is willing but the body is weak,” became very familiar to all of us throughout the entire journey. Our 'Paada Yatra' commenced at 3 a.m. from Davangere railway station to the Minor Basilica at Harihar. The novices were full of energy throughout the journey, reciting the Rosary on the streets, which infused them with spiritual energy to continue their pilgrimage experiment.

 The novices stayed at Harihar for a few days, bearing witness to the faith of the people, interacting with them, assisting in the liturgy with their melodious voices in the choir, and spending time in intercession to our Mother for their future formation.

At the end of this pilgrimage experiment, the novices felt that the void within them had been filled by our Lady of Health, 'HARIHAR MATHE.’ We are indebted to our facilitators for this life-transforming opportunity in our life.  

Independence Day Celebrations at Mount St Joseph - 2023

Let our Country awake!

Novice Edmund shared the significance of the day with the message above during the flag-hoisting ceremony. He also emphasized how the current political leaders are bound by corruption. 

Mr. Srinivas, a co-worker of the MSJ community, served as the chief guest for the ceremony. A considerable number of religious individuals and faithful attendees joined the novices in singing the national anthem.

The commemoration commenced with the Eucharistic celebration, highlighting the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, under the theme "Mary Bless Manipur!" 

This added a deeper meaning to the day, creating a prayerful atmosphere. Father Mohan Joseph, SJ, presided over the highest form of sacrifice. 

In the evening, Novice Jackson took the initiative to lead a creative rosary. The novices ascended the stairs in remembrance of Mother Mary's assumption. 

Throughout the day, all novices were immersed in an atmosphere of freedom, marked by responsibility, creativity, faithfulness, and prayerfulness. The sense of unity, or "we feeling," remained with us all day and never left us forlorn. We were filled with renewed vigor and zeal.

Thursday, September 21, 2023


The Ignatian month is one among the vibrant months of the novitiate, packed with a plethora of activities. Amidst this whirlwind of engagements, we novices found ourselves fully engrossed in an intensive English course facilitated by the priests from our MSJ community - namely Fr Richard Sequeira, Fr Clarence D’Souza, Rector Fr Anthony Joseph, Fr Edward Rodrigues, and Socius Fr Nithin Machado. They imparted to us the art of mastering the English language, a mission, which was both intense and rewarding.

"Learn, unlearn, relearn" emerged as the resounding mantra of this transformative course. The novices stood in awe as they unearthed the age-old errors that had become ingrained in our linguistic endeavors. Gradually, consulting the dictionary became a daily ritual for us to march towards perfection.

This course, a wellspring of intellectual enrichment, had an impact which went beyond the boundaries of academics. It served as an awakening for us to prepare ourselves for the mission to come. This course has armed us also with tools to aid the young minds we encounter in our daily ministries.


The theme "Soldier, Sinner, Saint" resonated throughout the Ignatian month, setting the stage for a grand celebration. Bursting with enthusiasm, the novices made sure to celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius with boundless energy and vigour. As we approached the feast day, we novices deepened our Ignatian spirits through various activities during Fiesta-2023. It was a moment to sharpen our already existing abilities and talents and to explore areas unfamiliar to us.

Leading up to the festive culmination, Fr. Jimmy Dhabi addressed the entire community on the theme 'giving up'. He illuminated Ignatius's selfless sacrifice of worldly possessions, leaving us profoundly enlightened. 

We also prepared ourselves spiritually through meaningful novena prayers and confession. Moreover, we engaged intellectually in an invigorating community quiz. All these community activities offered a multifaceted tribute to the legacy of St. Ignatius.

The novitiate community also played a significant role in the Ignatius feast celebration at the Jesuit Parish, 'Immaculate Heart of Mary Church', Kalena Agrahara. As the curtains closed on the Ignatian month for this year, a grand gathering was arranged for the parish priests, religious priests and sisters, and well-wishers. The novices took center stage, delivering a performance that radiated excellence. The feast of St. Ignatius has left an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of all who partook in the jubilation, creating an impression that will forever resonate.

VOWS DAY – 2023


With praises to God and His mighty deeds, the Karnataka Jesuit Province celebrated another batch of novices as they professed their first and perpetual vows. The ten novices – Abhishek, Akshay, Harrison, Jeevan, Manvith, Princeton, Robert, Royal, Sudarshan, and Vivek – wholeheartedly answered the divine call as they pronounced their first vows. Fr Clarence rejuvenated their spirits through an eight-day retreat, igniting their love for God. The day of vows was a graceful event centered around the theme "IGNEUM AMOREM" – 'Ignited by Love' – chosen by the novices themselves. One could see their faces aglow with the love of God they intimately experienced during their time in the novitiate.

The Eucharist was presided over by Fr Dion, the Provincial, and concelebrated by Fr Anthony Joseph, the Rector, Fr John Pradeep, the Novice Director, Fr Jossie Lobo, the homilist, and Fr Clarence D’Souza. 

In his homily, Fr Jossie spoke about the significance of love in strengthening the Jesuit vocation. The novices added beauty to the Eucharist through their heavenly choir. Sch Vivek shared a few words about the Navataranga, the Mount St. Joseph Novitiate bulletin. The magazine which focused on the theme of ‘Synodality’ was released on the same day. 

Additionally, the second-year novices added a touch of joy by recreating their memories in a skit-cum-toast on the following day as they organized the ‘Farewell day’. Emotions ran high as the novices listened to the farewell song, and memories flooded their minds all at once. Truly, it was a memorable day for all of us who witnessed the new-born Scholastics and heard their final expressions.


On June 19, 2023, eight enthusiastic would be novices – Anish, Sujay, Edmund, Kiran, Lestern, Oswin, Roshan, and Vishwas, four from Navasadhana and four from Loyola pre-novitiates – marched eagerly toward Mount St. Joseph Novitiate. They underwent 15 days of probation which included the Triduum under the gentle guidance of Fr. Nithin Machado, the Socius. They received meticulous guidance from their guardian angels Avin, Jayanth, and Jackson. After being shaped during these 15 days, they officially joined the group of novices on July 3, 2023, during the Eucharistic sacrifice.

The chosen theme for the Eucharistic celebration was ‘Invited by Love to Love’, which perfectly matched their conviction. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Anthony Joseph, the Rector. Fr. Nithin Machado, the Socius to the Novice Director, handed over a nest full of eggs symbolizing the eight first probationers to Fr. John Pradeep, the Novice Director.

The second-year novices warmly welcomed the budding Jesuits with their melodious singing in the refectory, followed by a delightful dinner that met the expectations of the newly initiated novices. With the arrival of the first-year novices, the crew is now complete and ready to navigate and explore the Lord's vineyard under the pivotal direction of the Divine Master.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Work Experiment of Novices

“Every morning, it bestows upon you a captivating allure, altering your disposition, alleviating stress, and fostering youthfulness and optimism." Throughout our fifteen-day endeavor in Mundgod, the essence of the aforementioned quote reverberated in our ears and echoed within our hearts. Despite our modest numbers, our collective impact was noteworthy. 

Every individual among us embraced their true selves and fulfilled their potential. "We radiated like luminescent artwork, though not akin to stars, our efforts emulated the resilience of pulleys, even if not comparable to a train." A multitude of tasks lay before us, fortifying us as we completed each one. We embarked on new experiences, gaining knowledge and mastering skills such as leveling the ground, tidying the hostels, harvesting coconuts and palm leaves, and categorizing objects made of metal, wood, and plastic. 

Beyond our assigned duties, we were privileged to explore into the world of Mundgod, plunging ourselves in their culture. Interacting with the Siddhi tribe and participating in their wedding anniversary bestowed upon us a sense of kinship, making us feel like cherished members of their extended family. 

This laborious endeavor served to refine our aspirations, teaching us the importance of resolute decision-making in times of crisis. We extend boundless gratitude to Fr. Nithin Machado and Sch Merwin Mathias, our guiding lights, and offer a special appreciation to Fr. Melvin, the Superior, and Fr. Jeevan Gomes for their seamless coordination of our work experiment.